Crochet Face Mask

I hope you are well. It’s a difficult time for all of us. the health of many people is now at risk and not everyone can get protective equipment, such as face masks. I understand that a crocheted mask is less effective than a medical mask, but it is better than nothing.
There are no medical masks in my city now, so I made this crocheted face masks for my family. I want to share a pattern with you and give detailed instructions. In addition, I’ll tell you how to make a filter for the mask to enhance its effectiveness in protecting our health.
I use cotton yarn because it has better hygroscopicity. I crochet all with single crochet stitches to get a denser mask for maximum protection.


  • Rubi cotton 100 gr/ 187 m, 3 ply
  • crochet hook 4 mm
  • needle and thread, scissors
  • bandage and cosmetic cotton sponges

Measurement: face mask is approx. 7 inches  length and 4.8 inches wide.

Abbreviations Used (In American Terms)

st= stitch
sts= stitches
sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet

trc = treble crochet
sl st = slip stitch

How to crochet face mask:

Row 1: Ch 35, Sc in the second Ch from the hook and next 33 sts., turn (34)

Crochet the next six rows with a decrease of 2 stitches each row (pic. 1):
Row 2: ch1, sc 32, turn (32)
Row 3: ch1, sc 30, turn (30)
Row 4: ch1, sc 28, turn (28)
Row 5: ch1, sc 26, turn (26)
Row 6: ch1, sc 24, turn (24)
Row 7: ch1, sc 22, turn (22)
Row 8: ch1, sc 20, turn (20)

Row 9: ch1, sc 26, turn (26)
Row 10: ch1, sc 34, turn (34)
Row 11-15: ch1, sc 34, turn (34)

pic 1

Crochet the next seven rows with a decrease of 3 stitches each row (pic. 2):
Row 16: ch1, sc 31, turn (31)
Row 17: ch1, sc 28, turn (28)
Row 18: ch1, sc 25, turn (25)
Row 19: ch1, sc 22, turn (22)
Row 20: ch1, sc 19, turn (19)
Row 21: ch1, sc 16, turn (16)
Row 22: ch1, sc 13, turn (13)

pic 2

Row 23: ch 1, sc 22, turn (22)
Row 24: ch1, sc 34 (34)
Row 25: sc all around

Straps: Ch 35 both sides.

How to make a filter:

A filter is needed to increase the protective barrier. To make a filter, I use a bandage and cosmetic cotton sponges. You can also use paper towels, or even several layers of thick cotton.
Unfold the bandage, put it inside the mask. put cosmetic sponges tightly. Fold bandage in half, cut it off. The filter is ready. You can fix it with a needle and thread or hot glue.

The filter must be changed every time after use. The mask must be washed separately from other clothes and ironed for several minutes.

How to decorate a face mask:

Cats always cheer me up, so I decided to make cat decor here.
I used:

  • acrylic yarn 100 g / 180 m,
  • crochet hook 4 mm ,
  • sewing needle, a needle for embroidery.

How to crochet cat’s nose:

Make Magic Ring.

Ch 3, 3 trc in  ring, 3 dc in ring, Ch 1, 1 trc in ring, Ch 1, 3 dc in ring, 3 trc in  ring, Ch 3, slip stitch in ring. Fasten off. Tighten the ring.

Try on the mask and determine where your nose is. Sew a cat’s nose to this place. Using an embroidery needle, make a mouth and whiskers. Done! Meow!


Take care of yourself! Health to you and your family!

Love, Ana (Bohemian Cat)

Bohemian Cat:

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  • Do not understand from row 9, did you sc down the sides of row 9?how did you get 26 and how did u get to the other side? Dont understand

    • Hello, Vonz! Now I’ll try to explain it more clearly:
      Do row 8 – 20 sc, after that we do row 9 equal to row 8 (20 sc) + we go down the “stairs” of the previous rows (6 sc). Totaly 26 sc.
      Then turn around and go in the opposite direction (row 10). Rise up to the edge of row 9 (this is 26 loops) and again we go down the “stairs” ( 8 sc, 4 “stairs”). Totaly 34 sc. This is necessary to create volume.

      I also added a pattern at the end of the post. Here you can see how to crochet these rows.

  • Having no luck finding Rubi Cotton online .. Can you please tell me whether it is 3 ply or 4 ply? Thank you

  • Hi, I love the mask! Just wondering do you have instructions on how to put the cat face on the mask?

  • Do you have instructions on how to put the cat face on the mask? I really love the mask. Thanks

  • Nice to have a pattern with a Bohemian background. My mom(who taught me to crochet and knit) was Ukrainian (my grandmother always said she was Romanian!) Thank you very much for the pattern. I wish I had some way to print your pattern that you added for illustration. Thanx for sharing.

  • Thank you so much! Was thinking about improvising on my own, but this is much easier!

    If anyone wants the gauge, it is about 4.85 sts per inch or about 1.91 sts per cm.