How to crochet rose

Crochet Rose Pattern

Rose is the queen of flowers. It has a divine look and flavor. This flower can decorate any holiday, create a mood of joy and pleasure.
So I will tell you today how to crochet a rose. I have a very easy crochet rose pattern, it works up very quickly.

Materials: Bamboo yarn 50 gr / 200 m, crochet hook 2 mm, needle, thread, scissors.

Measurements: my crochet rose’s diameter is 2 inches and height is 1.2 inches.

Note: If you use thicker yarn, you will get a larger rose. if thinner – smaller.

How to crochet rose

How to crochet a rose:

Make chain 51.

Row 1: sc into second chain from hook, 51 sc .

Row 2: chain 5, turn, 1 dc into first sc of previous row, (skip 2 sc, 1 dc into next sc, chain 2, 1 dc into same sc) x 16 times.

Row 3: chain 3, turn, 1 dc into 2-chain arch, chain 2, 2 dc into same 2-chain arch,  ( 2 dc into next 2-chain arch, chain 2, 2 dc into same 2-chain arch) x 16 times.

Row 4: chain 1, turn, (8 dc into 2-chain arch, 1 sc into space between 2dc – 2dc) x 16 times.

Roll up lace ribbon into a flower shape. Sew a flower on the back side.

Crochet Rose Step by Step

Below I give a scheme of crochet rose.

You can use it to decorate clothes or interior. Really a huge variety of options!

Wedding bouquets, home decor, elegant hair accessories, appliqués for clothes… and whatnot.

I would be glad to know how you used your crocheted roses. Leave comments and share your pics!

Love, Ana (Bohemian Cat)

Crochet Rose Free Pattern

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