How to crochet feathers

Crochet feathers

I very like make dreamcatchers and it nice looks with featers. But if you crochet a color dream catcher, then it is difficult to find the feathers of the desired color. For my work, I found a way out. Now I use crocheted feathers from yarn of the same colors. Crocheted feathers looks very cozy … Read more How to crochet feathers

Crochet coasters

Crochet Coasters

If you have small bits of cotton yarn and a litle time you can make crochet coasters for you home. Also it are great housewarming gifts for family or friends or a Christmas stocking stuffer. It’s very easy with my crochet pattern and instructions and can be made even by a crochet beginner. I’ve crocheted … Read more Crochet coasters

Crochet pillow pattern

crochet pillows, granni squere pattern

Crochet pillows look very nice in the interior. It create a cozy and homely warmth. Recently, I crocheted pillows for decorating the bedroom in boho style. I used the classic pattern – granny squere. Using this very simple pattern you can make your own pillows of any size and colors.   How to crochet: Circle: Ch … Read more Crochet pillow pattern

Crochet dreamcatcher pattern

Crochet dreamcatcher

Hi, friends! I have a very easy crochet round pattern, I used it for make wild dreamcatcher and it looks like spider web. For crochet, I took a 1 mm cotton yarn and 1.5 mm hook, but it can also made from any acrylic or wool yarn.   CIRCLE Ch 6. Join with sl st … Read more Crochet dreamcatcher pattern