Halloween Crochet Skull Pattern

Crochet Skull Pattern

Just a month left until Halloween. So I offer you a crochet skull pattern.  It decorate your festive interior, also it can be used to decorate clothes, bags, children’s things. I wanted to make the skull fun and cheerful, added floral elements, so it turned out in the Mexican style. Materials: For skull I used … Read more Halloween Crochet Skull Pattern

Crochet a Kelly Doll Dress

Crochet Kelly Doll Dress

Today I will tell you how to crochet a Kelly doll dress.  This little doll, Barbie’s younger sister, is loved by many children and adults.  And of course you want to have beautiful clothes for her. You can crochet this dress using my clear and free instructions or you can buy this Kelly clothes set … Read more Crochet a Kelly Doll Dress

3 Best Crochet Donuts

Crochet donuts

Do you want something tasty? I propose making crochet donuts, they are so cute! Nobody can refuse! In addition, we will make not one donut, but three different ones! You will have detailed instructions and a pattern from me. Such donuts will be a great toy for children, because they like to arrange gatherings and … Read more 3 Best Crochet Donuts